The Black Forest: Triberg

The Black Forest is a heavily forested mountain range located in southwest Germany. Originally, the Black Forest was so dense with trees that the sun was blocked out. This is where the name Black Forest came from. In the mid- 19th century, the Black Forest was almost completely deforested by the logging industry. It was later replanted but destroyed again in 1990 by two hurricanes, and again in 1999 by another hurricane.  Even though the Black Forest doesn’t block out as much light as it once did, the forest floor does still seem dark!

There are several towns you can visit within the Black Forest. I had a hard time choosing where to go, but I ultimately decided on the town of Triberg as our first stop because they are the home of the German cuckoo clock.


Our first stop in Triberg was at the Triberg Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Germany.


It was absolutely beautiful! The entrance fee is cheap, the trail and observation decks are well maintained, and the scenery is absolutely worth the climb.



You can climb all the way to the top of the waterfall and walk across a bridge as long as the entire trail is open.


Our next stop in Triberg was the House of 1000 clocks.


I really do think they had at least 1,000 clocks in the store. The salesmen were friendly, not pushy at all, and they even took time to explain to us the different types of cuckoo clocks. We decided we wanted a hand crafted clock from the Black Forest in Germany that was a mechanical design (not battery operated) and they were nice enough to show us only those clocks in our budget.


This is the clock we decided on. It was made only 7 km down the road and it has a nighttime shut off, a big win in my book. 🙂 Here is a video you can check out if you’d like to see our clock in action. I think it’s so cute how the little guy drinks beer.


Inside of the store you can watch them carving out some decorations.


This clock was €10,000! Someone bought it while we were there. I think the salesmen were as shocked as we were about that.


Large clock outside of the store. It’s much bigger in person!


Our next stop was Pizzeria Pinocchio to eat lunch.


Stefan got a pepperoni pizza


I tried the Pinocchio – Pepperoni, salami, black forest ham, onions, mushrooms, black olives and roasted banana peppers. It was so good! We both agreed that this was the best pizza we had eaten in a long time. The pizzas are huge but they make for great midnight snacks too! 😉


After lunch we headed to Adler’s Bakery to try a slice of Black Forest Cake. Black forest cake has layers of chocolate sponge cake, sour cherries soaked in cherry schnapps, and whipped cream. The top is decorated with more whipped cream, chocolate shavings and more cherry schnapps soaked cherries. The cake is typically brushed with cherry schnapps to keep it moist. It was good, but it was strong! Glad we split a piece or we might have been a little too tipsy to continue on with our day.

After lunch we walked around the town of Triberg and did some more shopping. Triberg is full of little shops that you could spend days in. After about an hour Stefan got that dazed look in his eye so we decided to move on to our next stop.


Just outside the town of Triberg is the first World’s Biggest Cuckoo Clock in the village of Schonach. The clock was built in 1981, completely hand carved (on the inside), and it took 3 years to complete. While it isn’t the largest cuckoo clock in the world any longer, it was still impressive to see. The clock is almost as big as a house.


Inside you can see the gears working and hear a short spiel about how the clock was built.

download (18)

This was my attempt at capturing the bird coming out of the clock. Not the greatest picture, but you can kind of see the bird.

You can then go out to the back and watch the clock cuckoo on the hour and the half hour.

After that we headed to the town of Baden-Baden which is a spa town in the northern part of the Black Forest. I’ll write about that in a whole separate post.

Read about our time spent in Baden-Baden here!

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  • Michelle
    2 years ago

    You’re killing me all the pictures of food!!! Yum! Bavaria is so beautiful! The individual pictures of the both of you, with the falls behind you, necessitate two beautiful frames!

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