The Black Forest: Baden-Baden

The next stop on our Black Forest adventure was to the town of Baden-Baden, a spa town famous for its Roman Bath Ruins.


Picture from Caracalla Therme


On our way to Baden-Baden from Triberg we made a pit stop at Dorothee’s Glass Hut. I was really excited to go here because I heard that you could blow your own glass vase for €15. When we got there they charged us €5 each to even get in the door, which should have been our first sign that this place was a tourist trap.
We quickly got in line to blow our own vase. There was only one person doing it at a time and it took around 15 minutes to blow the vase and then another 20 minutes for the vase to cool. The line in front of us was long. Once I realized that the colors they had to choose from didn’t appeal to me and that I didn’t get to pick the shape of my vase I no longer wanted to do it. I guess it was still cool to see it done, but the reviews I read made it sound much more hands on and fun than it really was. It was a bit of a wasted side trip (and €10) for us, but I guess if you’re someone really interested in glass making it would be fun.

We spent a little bit of time walking around the glass museum which is a real snooze-fest unless you are really interested in the history of glass. We also walked around the gift shop which had some pretty, but overpriced things. At least it broke up the drive from Triberg to Baden-Baden.


Bottled Baden-Baden water they gave us to try

When we arrived at Baden-Baden we went straight to the Roman Bath Ruins only to find out they closed 7 minutes before we got there! If we wouldn’t have stopped at that dang Glass Hut we would have made it in time! Luckily we could still see the ruins through the glass. I did get some pictures of the ruins, but they have a reflection in them. Oh well, you can still see some of them 🙂

12968004_10209100789138997_8228111621527108008_o 12971078_10209100789299001_5398822152244975972_o 12976709_10209100789259000_1134500871220478875_o
The three pictures above are pieces of water fountains that have been salvaged.
My terrible pictures of the bath ruins. Stefan was still really excited to see these. He’s probably going to pee his pants when we go to Rome and see all of the ruins there. Can’t wait for that 🙂
We then walked over to the Caracalla Spa to spend some time in their thermal mineral baths. The spa has so many options to choose from, but most of them you have to be completely naked for and Stefan told me he would absolutely not be naked in front of strangers, so our only choice was the Thermal Bath Spa area. You obviously can’t take pictures in here so I will attach pictures from Caracalla’s website.

Picture from Caracalla Therme

We really enjoyed our time here. There are 7 bathing areas you can choose to sit in ranging from cold water to something that feels like a hot tub. They also have an aroma steam bath room, a brine inhalation room, and a dry sauna. We spent most of our time outside in the warm baths. The combination of the warm water and cold air was very relaxing, especially when sitting in the massaging jet chairs.


Picture from Caracalla Therme

After our time at the spa we just wanted to relax so we headed back to our hotel to check in. We stayed at the Best Western Hotel in Rastatt. It was only €70 for the night and offered free wi-fi, free parking, and free breakfast. Getting even just one of those things free in Europe is hard to find, but getting all 3 is virtually unheard of. We liked the hotel and will be back to stay if we ever need to spend another night near Baden-Baden.

You get two comforters on a double bed in Germany. I love this! No fighting over the blankets in the middle of the night.

You get two comforters on a double bed in Germany. I love this! No fighting over the blankets in the middle of the night.


You also get gummy bears (or sheep) on your pillow. Germans really love their gummy candies and I think it’s a cute touch!

We ate dinner at the hotel which was so good! I tried spätzle which was on my list of food to try while in Germany. It was just ok in my opinion. It was similar to an egg noodle that was tossed in some butter. I found it a little bland, but I’ve heard you can order cheese spätzle so I will give it another shot.
SpätzleAlong with the spätzle I had a bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with grilled vegetables which was good.
Stefan had a very large steak with grilled onions and fries which he enjoyed as well.
All in all it was a good day in the Black Forest. We woke up the next morning sore from all the up hill walking we did. We both decided that we will definitely make a visit to the Black Forest again, especially during Christmas time!
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  • Michelle
    2 years ago

    I’m so glad y’all had a really good time. I can’t believe Stefan wouldn’t get naked in front of strangers after all that time we lived in Finland! The Roman Bath Ruins look very interesting and may warrant a trip back. Your hotel room was very nice! We never stayed in such a nice hotel during the many years living in Europe. Stefan’s steak looks outstanding!

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