Stonehenge is a place that is on many people’s bucket lists, ours included. While we were in London I knew that we had to go see Stonehenge while we were close. Who knows if we would ever get the opportunity to go again. Many people recommend renting a car and driving there yourself. Unless you have several people in your family I don’t know if I would recommend this option. First, rental cars are expensive, all manuals (we can’t drive those in this house), and you have to navigate all the way to Stonehenge driving on the left side of the road. That seemed entirely too stressful to me. Add in the price of gasoline to fill the car up and I don’t know if it would really be cheaper to drive yourself unless you had more than 4 people. We booked with Premium tours. We took the Stonehenge Direct tour for £47 a person. You can find out more about the tour here.

The drive from London to Stonehenge is around 2 hours and is a pretty boring drive, honestly.  2 hours driving, 2 hours at Stonehenge, and 2 hours driving again. If I could do this day over again I’d book a tour that combined Stonehenge and Bath so that we could have seen more. Honestly, the day felt wasted besides the 2 hours we spent at Stonehenge.


Before you get out of London you do have the opportunity to see things that you may otherwise miss. Any ideas why this house is important?


Alfred Hitchcock lived here. Our bus driver didn’t point this out, we just spotted it. Pretty cool!

13709900_10209931314621615_7898317719127783185_nWhen we first got to Stonehenge we headed straight for the gift shop. I can’t recommend this enough! We spent 20 minutes just browsing the gift shop and using the restrooms and by the time we headed up to the stones everyone else was leaving. We had them practically to ourselves!


The gift shop isn’t anything special. They just sell a bunch of overpriced junk with “Stonehenge” on it. However, it does have air conditioning which is wonderful on a hot day.


You can’t get up close to the stones which is a real bummer. Of course, you can pay more to do so at special times in the day. It costs around $250 a person to get into the center of the stones. Not worth it in my opinion.


See how empty it was? We actually were impressed with how large the rocks were.


Our timing here couldn’t have been better. The clouds were amazing and we got to watch a storm roll in. Stefan and I really didn’t spend that much time around the rocks. There is a great deal of mystery surrounding Stonehenge, and it becomes more mysterious while you’re standing near the circle. Who built it? How? Why? There are some interesting theories, but I suggest reading up about them before going to Stonehenge. The audio guide provided is BORING! We probably only spent 35 minutes here. Once you walk around the circle and snap some pictures there really isn’t much else to do.

There is a museum you can go into located next to the gift shop. There’s some good information there. Pictured above is what the completed circle would have looked like. Pretty cool. They even have an interactive exhibit that lets you see what it would have been like to stand in the inner circle. You can talk and hear how you would have sounded, see the seasons change. etc. It’s pretty neat!

Honestly, most people on our tour were underwhelmed with Stonehenge. If you expect anything more than seeing a circle of old rocks and appreciating the history, save your money and time and don’t go. You’ll be disappointed. It isn’t really a “kid friendly” activity either. I mean, kids can go, but I’m sure they would be really bored. There isn’t anything there to stimulate them.

Overall, I’m glad we visited Stonehenge just to say that we went. I don’t think it’s a destination for everyone, but it was a good way for us to check something off of our list while also having a semi-relaxing day before we headed off to Scotland.

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  • Great photos! 🙂 I’m a bit ashamed to say that I’ve been living in the UK for almost 3 years and… never been to Stonehenge. But, funnily enough, all my friends said the same thing as you – they were a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing – so I never really bothered.

    It’s a shame that you can’t get closer to the rocks, although I do understand why they do it.

    • It is very cool to see for sure, but unless you are expecting to see just rocks you’ll be disappointed. I’m glad we went once and the sky the day we went was fantastic so I can’t complain too much. If you have an English Heritage Pass admission is free so maybe you can go there one day on your way to Bath or something! I regret not seeing more of the English countryside. I’m sure we would have enjoyed it just as much as the Ireland and Scottish countryside! OH well just another reason to go back

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