Cliffs of Moher Tour from Dublin


I know I said I didn’t like Dublin, and I didn’t, but it was a great base to explore other parts of Ireland from. One of the things that I HAD to do while in Ireland was see the Cliffs of Moher.  Stefan refused to drive on the small Irish roads (I can’t blame him), so I knew we had to book a tour.  We booked with Irish Day Tours and had a great experience with them.  Our tour met near the Molly Malone Statue in Dublin early in the morning for our day of touring.


Our first stop took us by surprise: Barack Obama Plaza in Moneygall, Ireland.  Why would a random truck stop in Ireland be named after a United States President?  Well, the Irish say that every President of the United States of America can be traced back to Ireland.  When Barack Obama became POTUS they traced his mother’s lineage all the way back to one man who came to the USA from Moneygall.  Fulmoth Kearney, Barack Obama’s great-great-great grandfather, left Moneygall for New York in 1850. In 2011 Obama visited Moneygall and has a beer with his distant cousin.  In honor of this visit the town built a truck stop called Barack Obama Plaza.

If I could personally thank Obama for visiting Moneygall I would because we ate the best food at this truck stop that we had in all of Ireland – Irish sandwiches with each ingredient being sourced from Ireland.  Holy crap they were so good and so fresh.  Sometimes we even still bring them up.


In case you were wondering if any other Presidents had been traced back to Ireland, they have!  Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, JFK, James K. Polk and Andrew Jackson to name a few.


After our stop for breakfast we had a 3 hour bus journey ahead of us through the Irish countryside. We planned to nap the entire time, but we had stunning views like the one above for most of the ride. Couldn’t sleep through that.


When we arrived at the Cliffs of Moher it honestly took my breath away. They are so big and so tall that pictures can’t even show it. I had no idea how tall these cliffs were. We had a few hours here and we took advantage of it.  We walked along the edge of the cliffs which was terrifying until the wind picked up and then we retreated back to the safe areas.






The water was very pretty here, but the water is very rough.


While there you can also climb up O’Brien’s tower to get a view of the cliffs.  It’s really not worth fighting the crowds in my opinion.  This seems to be the most popular place for people to congregate and I’m unsure why. If you walk to the left and along that path the views are spectacular. Maybe it is for the higher view, but the views of the cliffs can’t get much better than they already are.


After a quick stop in Doolin at a traditional Irish Pub for lunch we headed off to Galaway Bay. Here we got another view of the ocean and got to see the unique coastline of this area. On a clear day they say you can even spot Scotland from here!


See how neat the rock looks? It is very slippery when it is wet. Some pieces of the rock are completely smooth. Apparently it was smooth because a glacier was over it during the last ice age.  Over the years the acid in rainwater has made the rock look like it is today.


We then headed to the Corcomroe Abbey ruins. They were pretty neat and you can tell the church was beautiful back in the day.


My favorite part was bending down to look inside the alter. There are human skulls in there.  Our tour guide told us that when the church was built the workers did such a good job that the owner did not want them to build anything else.  He had them killed and put their bodies in the alter.  I’m not sure this is true as I can’t find any reputable info about this, but I guess it makes a good story for tourists.

After leaving Corcomroe Abbey we headed back to Dublin.  We had another long tour planned with Irish Day Tours for the next day so we headed back to our room to sleep.

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