Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Church) | Kutná Hora, Czech Republic


Stefan loves anything creepy, so when planning our trip to Prague I made sure to include the Sedlec Ossuary in our plans.  This church in Kutná Hora, is located about 1 hour outside of Prague which makes it an easy side trip to take. From the outside the church looks unimpressive, but on the inside it is anything but usual.


The story goes that in 1278 the King of Bohemia sent the abbot of the Sedlec Cistercian Monastery to Jerusalem. When the abbot came back he brought with himself a jar of “holy soil” from the Golgotha, the place where Jesus is said to have been crucified. He spread this soil over the grounds at the cemetery and soon this became the place to be buried.  Between people bringing their dead relatives to be buried and the plague, the cemetery was quickly filled.




In the 15th century, the church was built next to the cemetery and the basement was used to store the bones of the dead that could not be buried on the grounds. The bones stayed there for centuries until 1870 when a woodcarver named Frantisek Rint was appointed to place the bones in order.  It is estimated that the bones of over 40,000 people are inside this church.




When wandering around the basement of this church, it wasn’t even creepy really. It was just impressive.  Unfortunately, we did not get to see the chandelier. It was out for restoration. The chandelier contains at least one of each bone in the body.




All in all this was a good, quick stop. We spent less than an hour here, but felt it was well worth the time involved to see something so unique.  The cost to go in is 90 CZK (less than 4 euros) for adults and 60 CZK for children.



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  • Wow! But really…this church wasn’t creepy??? Really??? Wow! Intriguing and such a fun post.

  • Grandma Zola
    1 year ago

    Seems very creepy to me, but absolutely facinating. So glad you shared this experience.

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