Lake Bled in Pictures

I’d like to share some pictures from our recent weekend trip to Slovenia. We visited Lake Bled, a beautiful lake surrounded by the Julian Alps, with a tiny island in the middle. It was a relaxing weekend. The scenery was beautiful. Unfortunately, in the winter there isn’t much to do here other than relax, so I’ll show you some pictures from our walk around the lake

We ended our trip with a slice of delicious Bled cream cake!

Lake Bled was a great, inexpensive get away. Stefan told me on a Monday that he would have the upcoming Friday off and that we could go somewhere if I wanted.  Of course I wanted to go somewhere. Since that same week we had booked and paid for a Baltic cruise and finalized plans for our Rome trip, the travel fund was quite light.  We were able to do 3 days in Bled for $350 (4 star hotel, food, gas, vignettes, tolls, shopping… all of it!).  While Bled wasn’t our usual trip filled with sightseeing and excitement, it will still enjoyable. The people of Slovenia were very nice and accommodating and it was nice to go on vacation and be able to sleep in as late as we wanted to for once.

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