Naples, Italy

To be honest, I really didn’t enjoy Naples. It was a very short stop on our way from Rome to Pompeii, and I was glad that it wasn’t longer. It was dirty and not all that welcoming. Maybe it was because we were only there for two hours, but most people I’ve talked to who have been to Naples also did not like it.

Our first stop in Naples was near the water. We got our first glimpse of Mt. Vesuvius here. The water was gorgeous! Very clear! Naples is apparently a stop on a lot of cruises. We saw a few cruise ships out at sea and some sailboats.

Then we went to Piazza del Plebiscito, which is just the main pedestrian square in Naples. Here you can see the church of San Francesco di Paola. We didn’t get to go in it, but it was pretty from the outside.

This is the Royal Palace of Naples. Apparently this is one of 4 Royal residences in Naples. A bit excessive I think.

I think this building was the town hall, but I don’t remember because I kept getting bumped into and I couldn’t hear our guide. “Getting bumped into” is basically people trying to distract you in order to pick pocket you. This is the only place in Europe that I’ve ever felt like I would 100% get mugged at. I’m a pretty cautious traveler, and not an easy target, but these men were relentless. This square was the reason that I didn’t like Naples. Too many people “bumping into” you, too many people trying to sell you a $25 selfie stick, and too many people trying to give you a free bike taxi ride. I really hate getting bugged about stuff.

Then we went to Castel Nuovo. There are a ton of these fortresses all over Naples, but this was my favorite. We got hounded here again. You normally don’t get hounded when with a local guide, but not in Naples.

The highlight of the entire stop was the food. This was the best food we ate in Italy. Stefan and I had the exact same thing. We cleaned our plates. We were stuffed, but I could have kept eating. I’ve never tasted such fresh cheese in my life!  Above was our appetizer plate. It had a cheese filled breadstick (kinda), green olive, bruschetta, bread square filled with spaghetti, bread square filled with salami, and fresh mozzarella. I normally don’t like green olives, but this one was delicious. I ate mine and Stefan’s. He was too afraid to try his.

Then we had a margherita pizza. Apparently the margherita pizza was invented in Naples. According to popular tradition, in 1889, 28 years after the unification of Italy, chef Raffaele Esposito of Pizzeria Brandi and his wife created  a pizza resembling the colors of the Italian flag, red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and green (basil). They named it after the Queen – Pizza Margherit. It was very good. I would probably go back to Naples for this pizza.

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  • We Love Naples! Have a different style and the peoples are so fliendly. Thank you for the article..!

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