The Forgotten City of Lowell, Arizona

Located just south of Bisbee, Arizona sits the forgotten town of Lowell. At one point in time Lowell was a thriving mining town thanks to the nearby Lavender Pit Mine. All that is left of Lowell now is a portion of Erie Street.

Erie Street is, in fact, eerie.  Being there is like being in a 1950’s time warp. A little Walking Dead meets a little 50’s charm. Creepy! Most of the businesses here are long gone. There is still a restaurant and a Co-Op here though. I’ve heard the restaurant is good. Lowell is located just off Highway 80. If you don’t purposefully turn onto Erie Street, you will drive right past this little town and not even know it. My mom and I stumbled upon it by accident when she made a wrong turn.

If you are ever in the Bisbee, AZ area, I definitely recommend making a short detour to Lowell. It’s very nice to see what a town would have looked like in the 1950’s. Plus, it is always fun to see a real “ghost town”. Here is a pin drop of Erie Street on Google Maps if you need it.  I recommend giving yourself 30-45 minutes in Lowell to browse the street and look in all the cars and buildings. Make sure you bring your camera. Hopefully you have the place to yourself like we did!

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