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Our last stop on the cruise was Oslo. I kind of dropped the ball here. I had planned for us to jam a lot into our 15 hours here, but I had gotten sick the night before so we only did a few things before I went back for a nap. What we saw was great though!

This is probably the easiest place to do on your own besides Tallinn. The cruise ship drops you off literally right in the middle of town. You can see city hall from the ship. Public transportation is also easy here. 90 NOK for a 24 hour pass (about $11) and there is a kiosk to buy the pass right near the Nobel Peace Center, which is practically where the cruise ship drops you off at.

Right when you get off the cruise ship you will see the Nobel Peace center where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. There is a museum inside that tells the story of Alfred Nobel if that interests you. To the left of the building is a tram stop where you can buy public transportation tickets and also the ferry to take you to Bygdøy which is the island that houses the Viking Ship Museum and the Folk Museum (extra charge for the ferry. You can get there using public transportation though, so do that. It’s cheaper).

From the Nobel Peace center we walked to City Hall which is just straight back pretty much. From here if you keep walking behind city hall you can reach a lot of attractions such as the National Gallery and the Royal Palace. Next to these places is also Hard Rock Cafe and other popular restaurants and whole bunch of souvenir shops. I would say the walk from the cruise ship to here is about 10 minutes.

These trolls are everywhere.

We decided to go to the National Gallery since it was free on Thursdays and we were there on a Thursday. The museum was busy, but not any worse than any other museum would be. We saw The Scream painting and The Thinker sculpture. I am taking an online painting class and our next project is to recreate The Scream, so this was especially cool to see. If you only want to see these two pieces like us, do the museum backwards. Both of these are towards the end of the gallery. We were already sick of art by the time we got here because we had spent so much time in the Hermitage Museum, so we just wanted to get in and get out.

From the museum we walked back to the tram stop near the Nobel Peace Center. We got on the 32 tram towards Kværnerbyen and got off at Bjørvika (3 stops). Once we got off the tram we walked to the end of the street and we saw the Opera House in front and to the right a little bit. This was an interesting place. You can climb all the way to the top of the opera house and it is right on the water. Really pretty views. We saw another cruise ship docked here, but it was a small ship, so I don’t think many cruises end up here.

From here we decided to go to Vigeland Park. Go to the Dronningens Gate [Trikk] stop (Take a right onto Langkaia and a left onto  Prinsens gate and you’ll see the stop). Take the 12 tram in the direction of Majorstuen and get off at Vigelandsparken (10 stops).

The tram will drop you right in front of Vigeland Park. I really liked this park. It’s a sculpture park that tells the story of bodies from infancy to old age. It’s interesting.

This little boy throwing a fit was my favorite.

While the park was busy it wasn’t crowded. A local told us that this is as busy as the park ever gets! It’s a great place to relax. We saw a lot of locals sunbathing since it was a rare warm day when we were there.

And I spotted this. Had to take a picture since a year ago to the day (according to Facebook) I was posing in a phone booth in London.

Annnnd that’s all we did in Oslo. We went to some shops and got a Christmas ornament, I got a winter hat and Stefan got a bunch of troll stuff for some reason. We went back to the ship to eat a late lunch and relax. I enjoyed my much needed nap and Stefan enjoyed swimming. Had I felt better, we would have went on a small fjord cruise. The cruises leave right there next to the cruise ships. I had originally been looking forward to this, but we were told that all the good fjords were on the other side of the country. I needed to sleep off my sickness and Stefan promised me a dedicated cruise through the big fjords sometime in the future. 🙂 Hopefully it happens.

I know I post this in every post, but this app is really good and I highly recommend that anyone traveling in this area of the world to utilize it. Public transportation routes change all the time, so it is always best to double check a route before following what I wrote.

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